Hidden Spots in Yangjiang

Hidden Spots in Yangjiang

Guest Post by Jin Chen


I grew up in Yangjiang, a small city in Canton Province, famous for Hailing Island and a thriving hardware and kitchen ware industry. Revisiting my hometown after many years abroad meant seeing the same things with fresh eyes, which resulted in me making some unexpectedly interesting discoveries. On this day, I was guided by my friend, who is originally from northeast China and had been on a private tour of the old town centre. I was surprised, curious and amazed to discover places and people I had somehow either taken for granted, or not had an opportunity to get to know.  


Singing Folk Songs

The first and fifteenth days of the lunar calendar month are auspicious days, and seniors gather at the park to sing folk songs. The grandma wearing blue advised me only to marry for love 🙂

Gallery in Longjin Road

The sign says that it is an art gallery. Unfortunately, it was closed that day.

Private Museum

A private museum hidden away in a very small alleyway. On the door: 'Great Fortune' and 'Long Live the Communist Party'

Dance Hall

Imagine the social events that once took place here.

If Walls Could Talk

The dimensions of the house seem to be etched into the wall.

Hygiene Matters

No peeing please.

Hand-drawn Chess Board

A simple and effective way for a community to come together.

This is how we get to know a place better, by paying attention to and tracing a city’s history, imprinted upon and bookended by the lives of its people. 

Where are some special spots or hidden gems where you’re from? Was there something interesting or unusual, once you started paying attention, or heading down a different path?