Chinese Jewellery Designers on our Radar

Chinese Jewellery Designers on our Radar

Out of curiosity we did a search for Chinese jewellery designers. When the term ‘luxury jewellery’ is mentioned, the general perception is that European or American brands have cornered the market. 

Which is why we were pleasantly surprised to discover some up-and-coming and also established Chinese designers/ brands infusing cultural heritage and sensibilities into their designs and products. Some have even incorporated special craft-making techniques in the making of their jewellery. 

©Wallace Chan

Wallace Chan

Wallace Chan is an artisan jeweller based in Hong Kong. He is also a sculptor. He invented a series of techniques for his unique craftsmanship. His designs reflect principles of eastern philosophy.


©Carnet Jewellery

Carnet Jewellery

Carnet Jewellery is founded by Michelle Ong from Hong Kong. She approaches jewellery design from the point of view of fusing East with West, traditional with modern.




Ejing Zhang

As a graduate from Royal College of Art Textile Design, Ejing Zhang came up with her own techniques of mixed media, combining resin and textile. Her designs are eye-catching, with a beautiful combination of colours. 

©Ejing Zhang





Soft Mountains

Soft Mountains is founded by Ziwei Longhong, inspired by China’s ethnic minority, Nuosu. The brand is rooted in Nuosu people’s culture and the way they live, which is shaped by nature. It reflects their concern for nature, heritage and craftsmanship.

©Soft Mountains